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P8 (8mm) 4'h x 8'w LED Digital Church Sign 064

P8 (8mm) 4'h x 8'w LED Digital Church Sign 064

SKU: 064

Vibrant, daring, and revolutionary! With this incredibly colorful, high-resolution 4'h x 8'w LED Digital Church Sign 064, which is 4 feet high and 8 feet wide, you can uplift your church community. Your words will shine brightly, reaching hearts and minds with clarity and impact—from service hours and forthcoming events to scripture verses and motivational quotes. In places of worship, using digital signage draws in more new members, particularly younger families. 


Use it to showcase your graphics and messages throughout the day, such as social media handles, forthcoming events, service times, Sunday special times, and more. A beautiful design, an HD resolution screen, USB compatibility, Wi-Fi management, lightweight construction, and UL certification are some of the other important characteristics.


Call 800-935-8094 anytime to discuss your project.


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