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LED signage may be used to advertise any form of entertainment facility, including festivals, fairs, stadiums, zoos, botanical gardens, historical sites, seasonal attractions, museums, galleries, family-friendly venues, and more. Advertising future events and other attractions is made much easier when you have access to dynamic and engaging marketing tools that you can modify at the click of a button.

Messages sent at specific times of the day, week, or season can be more effective. Using outdoor and indoor signs, advertise deals and promotions to customers that drive by your business every day, while also enhancing the establishment's environment. LEDs are used in both indoor and outdoor capacities by the entertainment industry to bring their creative visions to life.

  • According to a survey, 58% of those who took part found out about an event because of a sign.

  • Most Americans claim to have seen a digital display in the last month.

  • In the last week, 52% of people had seen a digital billboard.

Influence an audience by delivering visual platforms that draw attention using EdgeX LED solutions.


Successful entertainment venues keep locals informed of all that's going on. Using digital signage, an event is more likely to pique the interest of a passerby. To promote banquet facilities, free internet, future events, with easy-to-use dynamic content scheduling. Your event locations will stand out from the crowd with EdgeX's dynamic LED signage.

  • Increase your social media footprint and brand awareness.

  • Advertise limited-time specials on your vibrant digital display.

  • Thank and recognize sponsors, partners, and clients in a modern, eye-catching way.

You can use EdgeX LED signage to help you sell tickets and fill seats with the most cost-effective ROI currently available.

Mother Daughter Portrait
Mother Daughter Portrait
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