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Gas Stations


Gas Stations

Once they've filled up their tanks, they'll come inside your store to buy candy or drinks as well as other profit-boosting things thanks to the assistance of LED signage. Promotions for early morning commuters, as well as afternoon munchies, should be advertised to encourage customers to stop in for a drink and a snack. Day or night, LED signage draws attention to your sales and promotions.

  • Almost two-thirds of the people polled said they bought something because of a digital sign.

  • More than three-quarters of shoppers (almost 8 out of 10) said they were compelled to go to a new store or business because of its advertising signs.

  • When it comes to purchasing things at a service station, 45 percent of customers act on impulse, according to research.

The quickest way to attract new consumers, establish customer loyalty and boost your profit margins, is digital signage!


You'll never miss a chance to stand out from the crowd with outdoor digital signage. With the option to quickly and easily update price, you'll always have a way to differentiate your company's products. Colorful outdoor signs from EdgeX captivate customers with videos, dynamic art, or static picture advertising soutions.

  • Encourage customers to sign up for credit card and loyalty programs.

  • Strengthen vendor connections by focusing on their products.

  • Nearly two-thirds (66%) of people in the United States have made a purchase as a result of being drawn in by a sign.

The use of digital signage will enrich the customer's shopping experience, promote brand loyalty, and boost sales by enhancing current marketing and merchandising techniques.

Mother Daughter Portrait
Mother Daughter Portrait
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