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LED signs are being used by hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, and many other health care institutions as a means of drawing attention to their buildings, and letting people know exactly who they are. EdgeX LED displays can be used for external advertising campaigns. Enhance community awareness for all of your services, while internal signage can be used to communicate patient wait times, cafeteria boards, influenza information, and even general wellness suggestions to your patients and staff.

  • Share working hours and wait times with your patients in order to improve their overall experience.

  • Stay on top of important healthcare news to keep the public informed.

  • Educate and enlighten the community about everything that your facility has to offer in terms of health and lifestyle improvement.

Your company's brand will stand out in a crowded and competitive market thanks to LED digital signage.


Your organization's healthcare services and products are best promoted to the local population through LED sign advertising.

Post health screening reminders and educational events to keep your community informed and involved in the services you provide.

  • Advise the public about the services your organization offers that they may not be aware of.

  • Wait times for the emergency department can be seen in real time.

  • All modern hospitals and care providers use LED signage to broadcast information to their community.

Building trust in the community by putting up an LED sign that serves as a landmark for helpful information.

Mother Daughter Portrait
Mother Daughter Portrait
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