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Car Wash


Car Wash

Expand your market impact and generate more money by building relationships with your local customers using eye-catching LED signage. Your greatest clients are those that see your business on their daily commute and are educated about price, promotions, or brand recognition.

LED signage that stands out from the crowd is a great way to increase your bottom line by attracting impulse purchases and local customers alike.

In a mobile market, EDGEX LED signage provide excellent long-distance visibility while simultaneously grabbing the attention of passersby.

  • Affordably publicize limited-time deals.

  • An eye-catching digital display board will entice customers to buy your services.

  • The best way to establish your company's identity is to use eye-catching electronic communications.


The majority of people who use a car wash do it in the heat of the moment. They notice their car is filthy and immediately start looking for a car wash nearby. When people drive by your car wash, they'll notice the LED sign that designates its position.

  • An LED sign ad gets 72% more attention than an internet ad.

  • One of the simplest methods to promote deals and specials is to use digital signage.

  • Over $15 billion is spent each year on car wash retail sales in North America.

Numerous studies have shown that ad recall and retention via digital signage is superior than any other kind of advertising.

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Mother Daughter Portrait
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