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Adverts on LED signs enable government agencies and non-profit groups to excite people about their aims, and inform them about objectives and initiatives. EdgeX digital signage technology allows you to promote community development and change by displaying up-to-date messaging.

  • Make sure your community is aware of all the programs and resources at their disposal.

  • Keep the public informed about upcoming lectures, presentations, and workshops in your town hall or other public venue.

Encourage your neighbors and friends to help out by donating or volunteering!


LED signage is a great way to connect with your community on a daily basis. Promote future events, provide current news, give weather updates, and keep the public updated about what's going on in your neighborhood.

  • One-Stop programming and scheduling make it easier to display your information.

  • Bright, eye-catching visuals and language make a huge influence on the way people perceive your building.

  • Your phone number and website should be prominently displayed, along with information about the services you provide to the community.

By putting up an EdgeX LED sign, your department will be a step ahead of the others.

Mother Daughter Portrait
Mother Daughter Portrait
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