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About Us

National Leader in LED Digital Displays 

EdgeX is a full-service, professional LED sign provider.

Using our high-quality, programmable, custom LED signage for digital advertising, we have helped businesses, schools, churches, and other entities communicate their messages for over a decade.

Our products' superior quality and our staff's expertise will leave you amazed.

Management of Projects and Individual Counseling

Our project management solution at EdgeX provides a streamlined, smooth procedure from design through manufacture and installation of your sign or sign package. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that our skilled staff is monitoring the progress and schedule of their projects.

In addition, we provide personal consultations to assist in establishing market awareness. Our team ensures customer satisfaction by assisting with variances, permits, and local codes and organizing the installation of multi-location projects. You can also count on us for any sign repair needs following installation. Through this individualized service, we hope to establish long-lasting client relationships.

National Leader in LED Digital Displays
LED display signage

We provide a large selection of LED display signage for your company. Our advertising signs will increase your business's visibility and foot traffic.


  • LED Display Signs with a single color

  • LED Display Signs with several colors

  • LED Gas Price Changer Signs

  • LED Billboard Signs

  • Business LED Signs

  • Signs for: businesses, churches, schools, gas stations, and car dealerships, as well as anyone who can profit from incorporating an LED sign into their marketing strategy.


In contrast to our competitors, who require eight to ten weeks for delivery, our turnaround time for in-stock signage is only one and a half weeks.

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