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An unoccupied room is lost income for a hotel, capture that lost traffic with EdgeX's LED displays. In order to create a welcome ambiance, LED signage assists in the greeting of customers and helps promote brand recognition. Using eye-catching displays in a crowded and highly competitive market will help you attract customers, and promote special discounts to improve reservations.

  • Guests are less likely to wait at the front desk when they have access to digital media in the lobby.

  • Promote membership discounts and loyalty programs for groups such as AARP, AAA, and more.

  • Your business's location will be more widely known if you use eye-catching outdoor advertising.

Make guests aware of your unique features and services! Visitors and potential customers will find your hotel sign to be a key factor in deciding to room with you.


Customers are at the heart of everything a business does. The hotel industry's reputation for quality service is built on a welcoming atmosphere, meticulous attention to detail, and anticipating the demands of customers. The initial impression is crucial, and digital signage can help you make it a welcoming one.

It is important to inform customers about the hotel's features, such as free Wi-Fi and pet-friendly rooms; Organize and publicize exceptional events. Include contact information, such as phone numbers and websites, as well as any special offers or services. All of this can be done with a click of a button!

An enticing call to action for your business looks best outdoor digital sign.

Mother Daughter Portrait
Mother Daughter Portrait
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