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Increased customer reach and impact are two advantages of using digital signage for outdoor advertising. With LED billboards, you have the opportunity to send captivating messages that can't be missed. LED displays are a great way for businesses to get more exposure, make a stronger first impression, and make more sales.

EDGEX's LED boards, which are bright and long-lasting, are perfect for marketing firms. EdgeX's LED boards ability to easily change content provides marketers a unique degree of freedom in their initiatives.

Due to their prominent placement on busy highways and byways, billboards help build customer awareness of a business without them even realizing it. OOH (Out-of-home) advertising offers a wide range of options for attracting new consumers and increasing brand recognition.

  • Digital billboards have had a significant impact on 50% of consumers in the recent month.

  • When driving, 71% of individuals are aware of billboards.

  • OOH advertising is dominated by billboards, with 66% of the market.


For your LED billboard, you can count on EDGEX Displays to provide you with reliable proof of performance

Reliability and proof of performance are vital for outdoor advertising experts. Marketing customers want information on the frequency with which their ads were displayed, as well as the adherence to specific criteria and the ad's audience reach. Managing digital media, campaign timelines, and ad inventory are all responsibilities of the marketing firm's staff

When it comes to keeping track of your billboard advertising budget, EDGEX has you covered. Ongoing EDGEX maintenance and services, including as Proof-of-Performance certifications, are all part of EDGEX's billboard offerings.

Mother Daughter Portrait
Mother Daughter Portrait
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