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New customers that are considering your business are more attracted by LED signage placed outside of financial institutions than they are to traditional, static adverts. EdgeX LED displays are easy to operate and dependable, allowing you to construct your message and target your potential customers quickly, and with confidence. Displaying a welcome or instructive message helps to improve current and prospective client connections, especially those that place a high value on customer service.

  • Your company's distinctive identity and all of its offerings should be promoted to the public.

  • Advertise seasonal and high-margin services.

  • Increase investment in your company by creating a sense of urgency with limited-time incentives.

  • Your website and online services should be promoted, ensuring that there are more ways to communicate than just in-person.

Make use of your EdgeX digital display to promote your company's image as reliable, secure, and friendly.


Outdoor LED advertising is the most efficient method of promoting your financial service business to clients and establishing a connection with the community. Your LED signage can be used to advertise all of your financial institution's products and services, and contact information to the people that need to see it.

  • Your drive-thru windows should have LED signage, dynamically advertising your company's financial goods and services.

  • Promote local community gatherings and social media campaigns to increase exposure.

  • Showcase your phone number and website, along with information about upcoming promotions.

Improve your bottom line by putting an EdgeX LED sign at your business!

Mother Daughter Portrait
Mother Daughter Portrait
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