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​​​​​​​P8 (8mm) 4'h x 8'w Digital LED Church Sign 077 - Financing Available!

​​​​​​​P8 (8mm) 4'h x 8'w Digital LED Church Sign 077

SKU: 077

Give your church a dash of creativity to set it out from the crowd. In places of worship, placing a digital sign can draw more visitors and inspire them to give back to the neighborhood. Use it to share sermons, Bible verses, events, announcements, and much more.


Along with many other unique features, our 4'h x 8'w LED church sign 077 has USB programmability and integrated Wi-Fi. Select from single-sided, double-sided, or whole turnkey solutions, and experience community engagement like never before.


Call 800-935-8094 anytime to discuss your project.


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