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Legend Series P2.8 Digital LED Programmable Indoor Church Display Panel

Legend Series P2.8 at 3480hz Digital LED Indoor Church Display Panel


Smarter. Brighter. Greener.



Legend Series P2.8 Digital LED Programmable Indoor Church Display Panel

P2.9 Legend - 3480hz High Refresh IC

Ceiling & Wall mountable with curved locks

Receiving card: A8s-N


500mm Hanging Bar(s)

Customizable Screen Size

panels (500mm x 500mm)

2.9 mm (Resolution)3840 Hz (Refresh Rate)

True 16:9 Ratio

Plug and Play Package

Video Processor

Video Controller

Hanging Bars

Road Cases


Spare Parts

Available Upgrades:  Higher Refresh Rate | Pixel Pitch | Road Cases


  • Easy to disassemble for front end & rear maintenance
    • Specifically designed for wall-mounted projects, no special maintenance access required
    • Front maintenance only needs 2 screws removed and the power box can be easily disassembled for maintenance.  


  • High-end module design
    • High-end and sturdy panel is benifecial to better protect the lamp grains from bumping and necrosis.
    • There is no difference between left and right modules and can be used interchangeably. 


Price includes:

Lifetime Technical Support

Lifetime Cloud Access


Price Excludes:

4/5G data

Wifi Extender

Primary Power

Electrical Box with Controller -- Click here for details --> Novastar Controller


Call 800-935-8094 anytime to discuss your project.



High resolution indoor SMD LED sign used for digital electronic signage, reader board & LED message board. Our LED digital signs are for churches, businesses, cities, counties, municipal, hospitals, universities, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and more.   Show pictures, text, video and more!



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