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Indoor Displays 

Bright, Beautiful Displays

Our indoor LED displays are designed to help you communicate with your customers, patrons, attendees, and more. They are versatile and sturdy, providing beautiful displays that are guaranteed to impress. We offer a range of options for large visual presentations, such as the X-Galaxy, which is perfect for schools, churches, government buildings, and more. If you are looking for something smaller, we recommend our X-Poster A, which is ideal for malls and retail shops. With many more options available for indoor use, EdgeX has the perfect LED display that you need to elevate your indoor spaces and impress everyone in your building. Whether you want to boost school pride, provide a space for large-scale gaming, ensure essential information is visible, or simply add entertainment value to your venue, we have got you covered!

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Great for churches, business conferences, schools, large auditoriums, and more.


Great for arenas, recreation facilities, and more.

stadium display
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