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High resolution High Resolution P8 (8mm) 3'h x 6'w Programmable LED Business Sign 114

P8 (8mm) 3'h x 6'w Digital LED Business Sign 114 - Message Board Digital Display


P8 (8mm) 3'h x 6'w Digital LED Business Sign 114


Check out our P8 (8mm) Digital LED Business Sign 114, a commercial outdoor sign board designed to impress. This versatile display serves as a digital scrolling message board, digital signage display, and modern LED message board all in one. With P8 high brightness and a high refresh rate, your messages shine vibrantly with clarity and impact, even in outdoor settings. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime parts warranty and lifetime cloud access & support. With IP67 rating for outdoor use and WiFi & USB programmable display, managing and customizing your content has never been easier. Illuminate your brand and captivate your audience with the dynamic capabilities of our Digital LED Business Sign 114.


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